Content distribution for social media.

Socialie is the best way for companies to expand their reach on social media with our easy distribution and creation tools.

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Why companies use socialie

Increase Reach Get your content in front of new eyes by packaging it as social media posts and send it to anyone for quick publishing

Hard To Get Data Measure the impact of your efforts with our analytics dashboard to analyze your top performing content, top performing publishers, top performing campaigns and more

Create Content at Scale Need authentic first-person content? Send some inspiration for your publishers to create photo and video content.

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Why publishers love socialie

Effortless publishing Content can be time-consuming; but now publishers can post high-quality photos, videos, GIFs and more with just a swipe and click

A Custom Experience Socialie integrates with the most popular platforms from SMS to email to Twitter Direct Message and more. That means a custom experience for each publisher

Keep it Authentic It’s important for publishers to have full-approval of what’s being published to their accounts; nothing gets published without their approval and they have the ability to add their own text or edit what’s suggested

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Distribute Photos, Videos, GIFs, links and more


Send content requests for photos and videos


Track every step of your suggestion from opened to published


Impressions, engagement and more. Slice and dice in-app or export a CSV.

Participation Metrics

Identify your most active collaborators and ones that need a little help


Need a custom experience? Socialie can be white-labeled for an end-to-end branded experience.



UFC wanted to amplify reach of their content by leveraging their roster of athletes. By making it easy for their fighters to post, they were able to track and measure the effectiveness of their athletes’ social media footprint while providing valuable assets that helped increase engagement across fighter accounts.

Reach increase
Impressions to date
"Anything that I can do easily from my phone whether I’m in the studio or at the gym or chilling with my family is a plus for me. I love collaborating with my partners and having fun on social and this let’s me do both!"
- Shaquille O'Neal
"Social media is the single greatest marketing tool we have! And we want our athletes to be active and talking to their fans and sharing great content. And we give them the tools to do that."
- UFC President, Dana White
"Engaging our employees, athletes and local influencers is an important part of our social media strategy. Socialie helps simplify the process and provides key data to measure our campaigns."
- Kevin Kinghorn, Senior Director, Digital & Marketing at Canucks Sports & Entertainment

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