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Draft and Suggest Social Media Posts to Anyone

Easily draft versions for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn with the draft builder.

They Receive Your Suggestion

Recipients can receive your Suggested posts via Text or Email.

They Can Edit and Publish Your Suggestion

Recipients can seamlessly review, tweak, and natively post your draft to each network.

Track Your Suggestions

Conveniently track the status of all your suggested social media posts.
See who ended up posting what!

Painless for Your Recipients

Copy and Paste is so 2005
Your suggested posts are pre-filled and ready to be posted by recipients. No need to copy and paste content into a bunch of different apps
Say Goodbye to Attachments
No more clogging up recipients' devices with photo and video files
No Need to Download An App
They receive via SMS/Email - and can review, edit and post all within their phone or computer's web browser
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